“As a Realtor I always want to give my clients a closing gift they remember. Kim has made that happen. I now give my clients a painting of their new home via the creativity of Kim Bolick. Not only is the painting accurate, it is a heartwarming rendering of the place they now call home. Thanks Kim!”  Stu Barnes, Realtor, Barnes McQuade Realty



After working as a graphic designer for 10 years, and spending countless hours looking at a computer screen, my inner artist longed to get down and dirty and create with my hands.

So, to escape the digital doldrums and indulge my own creative juices, I began experimenting with soft pastels. I fell in love with the buttery texture and immediacy of pastel – no paint mixing, little cleanup. It was very freeing that I could work for 30 minutes, walk away and come back (even days) later and pick up where I left off. The main negative for me was the fact that pastel has to be
framed to protect from smearing and destroying the final painting.

Since I wanted to paint on canvas and other surfaces with no frame, I tried heavy fixatives and other methods until I developed my own special technique combining pastels and acrylic paints. I also enjoy using modeling paste and a wet brush to create water color effects and textured layers. There are endless, wonderful things you can do painting with pastels.

I’m enchanted by artists like Mark Leach, Bill Suttles, Teil Duncan, Deann Hebert, Wolf Kahn, and Al Lachman. They all have an incredible way of using light, color and simple form to portray strong emotion. My personal challenge is to paint a scene and have the audience feel exactly what I was feeling the moment I experienced a certain place.

Inspired by nature, architecture and the sea, my joy in creating art comes when someone sees a piece they fall in love with, not because it’s something great I painted, but because they feel an emotional connection.

I’m obsessed with Jesus, my family, art and my stand-up paddle board and blessed to live and work from my home studio on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, surrounded by the beauty of the Bogue Sound.


Kim painting